Guenard hempseed oil, rewarded

Guenard hempseed oil, rewarded

After a blind tasting, Guénard Hemp Oil comes in second place in the ranking of Best Hemp Oil!

As part of a competition held at the Hemp and Vegetable Fibers Fair, held in Ile-et-Vilaine on the weekend of April 23/24, L'Huilerie Guénard was in second place in the podium!

Hemp is a seed native to Central Asia, now cultivated in Europe, whose cultivation requires very little water and is done over a period of 120 days. The hemp seed, of which you can see a picture below, looks like an almond wrapped in a shell.

Upon receiving the seeds, Guénard develops his Hemp Oil in his production workshops in Noyer-sur-Cher (41). It is from the very good quality of the seeds, by a cold pressing, that one obtains a Hemp Oil with great nutritional value. In fact, during pressing, around 25 to 35% of the weight of the seeds is extracted in the form of virgin hemp oil.

Soft green, Hemp Oil has an original, fresh and herbaceous flavor and is very rich in omega 3; which makes it a valuable asset for healthy cooking.

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