Our Story

Originally, “Les Huileries du Berry” (the Berry's oil mills)

In Vierzon, a town located in the region of Berry, the Oil Mills of Berry have produced gourmet oils since their founding in 1824. In the beginning, only walnut oil was produced through the seasonal availability of walnut kernels from growers in the region. This production was also intended for exclusively local trade.

Development of Guénard and its Brand

The Guénard oil mill is a historical actor in the Cher valley. In fact, as early as 1926, the Guénard Family resumed operations at the Oil Mills of Berry, which was later moved to Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher. The expertise of this family enabled this company to expand and develop, which necessitated additional facilities in Noyers-sur-Cher in 1976, on the other side of Cher. With these new premises built on an 18-hectare lot (approx. 44 acres), full-time production was organized, and over the years, activity was diversified to meet an exponential customer demand. In 1994, hazelnut oil and walnut oil from France made their way into the product line. A few years later, hempseed oil and almond oil would complement this offer of 100% French oils.

Guénard Oils Today

Today, Guénard markets about 30 different gourmet oils in fine specialty food stores and high-end restaurants, which allows it to offer a wide range of exceptional flavors, both classic and original.

The quality of Guénard artisan oils has also enabled the company to expand its sales internationally. Actually, its exceptional oils and their unique tastes have been enjoyed around the world. Japan, Belgium, Germany… the oils of Guénard are now distributed in 20 countries and exports represent nearly 40% of total sales.

In addition, the company was renamed La Compagnie des Saveurs , merging the expertise of Huiles Guénard and Soléou, and thus offering a high-end line of organic gourmet oils. La Compagnie des Saveurs belongs to the Avril Group, and remains a major actor of its French vegetable oil and protein subsidiary.