Our Commitments

Respect for Naturalness

Our gourmet oils are extracted from dried fruit and seeds from the cultivation of natural resources. This is why, by our actions, we wish to promote and respect the production chains and in particular the richness of French soil. Thus, we search for and rigorously select dried fruit and seeds that are better suited for producing our high-quality vegetable oils.

We are also committed to the most environmentally-friendly approaches, which are integrated into our sustainable development system. In particular, we work with regional walnut and hazelnut producers and other French growers.

In addition, our production does not generate waste. From our raw ingredients, we not only produce oil, but also meal that we offer to local farmers for the nutrition of their livestock. This meal makes it possible to vary the protein intakes of animals and increase the overall value of the dried fruit and seeds used.

At the same time, all of our byproducts or consumables from our productions are recovered, especially through a methanization process; and this locally, because we supply the methanization unit of the Zoo de Beauval (Beauval Zoo).

Tasting Pleasure

Offering gourmet oils that enhance your culinary delights is our priority. Whether they are traditional or original, our oils are thus formulated to awaken your senses and introduce you to exceptional flavors. Their distinctive flavors and finesse on the palate will contribute to your culinary creativity and will bring a perfect finish to your dishes.

With this standard for taste, Guénard oils have been awarded many times, including a silver medal at the Concours Général Agricole in 2014 for our virgin walnut oil from France, or more recently the Epicure d’argent 2017 for our virgin hazelnut oil from France.

Your Satisfaction

We strive every day to bring you pleasure and satisfaction. To this end, we are committed to continuous fulfillment of your expectations and listening to your needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions, suggestions, ideas, comments, requests, and even appreciation, which for us is the best reward and recognition of our efforts to satisfy you.