Our loyalty Program


How it works ?

Earn points by making purchases on our website or sponsoring your friends, and transform them into coupons valid for any order without minimum purchase !

50 loyalty points * = 5 € voucher

* Minimum number of points required to convert points into loyalty vouchers.



How to earn points?

You automatically earn points when you purchase products on our website!

It's very simple: 1 € spent = 1 loyalty point

And to earn more points, you can also sponsor your friend (s):

1 sponsored friend = 100 loyalty points = 10 € voucher

Through you, your friend(s) will benefit from 5 € off their 1st order.



You are not registered yet ? Just create your customer account


Are you already registered ? Log in to your customer account to know your points balance and turn them into coupons !



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