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The pistachio is from the pistachio tree, a fruit tree that can measure up to 10 m high and live for several hundred years. Native to Asia, it is grown mainly in the Mediterranean regions, particularly in Sicily and Turkey, as well as in Iran and the United States. The outer shell of the nut is hard and smooth, and opens as it reaches maturity. The edible seed is found inside the pistachio. Depending on the varieties, its color varies from light green to yellow. The color is an important indicator that reveals the intensity of the flavor: the greener and larger it is, the richer the flavor of the pistachio. The fruit is only produced by the pistachio tree every two years.

From Fruit to Pistachio Oil

The pistachio harvest takes place toward the end of summer or at the beginning of fall depending on the regions. Between 2 and 3 kg of pistachios are required to produce 1L of oil.

Guénard Pistachio Oil

Our pistachio oil is composed of 80% virgin oil and 20% refined oil in order to provide a perfect balance of taste. The virgin oil is produced within the Guénard facilities from pistachios grown in Iran and according to an artisan production process: the pistachios are ground and then the paste obtained is toasted in cast iron pans as in the past so that the oil conveys all the flavors of the pistachio. The paste obtained is then pressed and filtered in order to extract oil with intense flavors.