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Pine Nut

The pine nut is extracted from the umbrella pine, also called the stone pine. Spain is the world’s largest producer of pine nuts. Turkey and China are also major producers. The pine nut is the seed contained in the scales of the pine cone. A large pine cone may contain nearly 100 seeds. Unbleached white pine nuts have a slightly sweet and sometimes resinous flavor depending on the varieties. Production begins 20 years after planting and reaches its maximum at the age of 40 years.

From Seed to Pine Nut Oil

Harvesting takes place at the end of fall and continues until winter. The operation requires climbing to the top of the trees to knock down the ripe cones (three years old). These cones are stored until the following summer and then spread over vast areas where the heat of the sun will open them. The seeds are then extracted. Approximately 2 kg of these pine nuts are required to produce 1 L of oil, which makes pine nut oil a rare production.

Guénard Pine Nut Oil

The fruit for our pine nut oil is grown in Asia. The 100% virgin oil is produced within the Guénard facilities according to an artisanal production process, which involves grinding with a granite millstone. The paste obtained after grinding is then slightly toasted in cast iron pans in order to accentuate all the aromas of the seed. It is then pressed and filtered, which results in the precious liquid.