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Originally from Asia Minor, grapes are cultivated in the southern regions of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The temperate oceanic, Mediterranean and Chinese climates are the most favorable for grape cultivation.

The time of the grape harvest, called “vendange” in France, varies according to the regions. It depends on several factors and usually corresponds with the period in which the grape has reached the desired degree of maturation. In France, the time of the grape harvest is traditionally between September and October. It is at the end of the grape harvest and wine making process that the grape seeds are processed into oil.

From Fruit to Grapeseed Oil

Each grape contains approximately 2 to 4 seeds. These seeds are crushed to obtain sweet and fluid. In general, the oil content of the seeds is about 12 to 13%. The composition of the grape seeds depends largely on the variety of grape, the soil where the vine is planted as well as the climatic conditions during the year. The grapeseed oil is then usually refined to provide a neutral tasting product, particularly suited for extensive cooking.

Guénard Grapeseed Oil

In order to continually promote products “made in French”, we offer Guénard Grapeseed Oil produced from 100% French agriculture.