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The pecan is the fruit of the pecan tree. This imposing tree of approximately 25-30 meters is in the same family as the walnut tree. It is originally from the United States, and more precisely from the Mississippi Valley, one of the most humid regions of the country. Even if the banks of the river are very fertile, the species must withstand harsh winters and very hot summers in order to survive in this geographical area. Thus, the pecan tree is a particularly hardy tree, but it needs sunshine and good irrigation. Its small white flowers appear in late March - early April. Pecans become mature toward October-November.
This oval tree nut contains little protein compared to other nuts, such as the almond. However, it is rich in vitamins and trace elements. Therefore, pecans offer many health benefits.

From Fruit to Pecan Oil

Pecan trees can produce up to 200 kg of pecans per year. Pecans are most commonly used in pies: recipes inspired by the American culture. Just like other oil seeds, oil can be extracted from it. Pecan oil has a slightly golden color and its mild flavor is halfway between the taste of walnut oil and almond oil.

Guénard Pecan Oil

We select our fruit from U.S. crops. The nuts are then crushed within our facilities according to an artisanal production process. Then, the paste obtained is lightly toasted in cast iron pans to bring out the characteristic aromas of the pecan nuts. This paste is then pressed and filtered in order to obtain 100% virgin, high-quality pecan oil.