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Originating in Central Asia, hemp seeds are cultivated in Europe today. Hemp is an ideal rotation crop for farmers around the world. Since its water needs are low, it therefore does not require irrigation and also grows in arid regions. Hemp matures from its seed in just 120 days. The hemp seed, also called cannabis, consists of a kernel wrapped in a film, also called shell.

From Seed to Hempseed Oil

Cultivation begins in April with the planting of the seeds, and then the harvest takes place 5 months later. A first pass with a combine harvests the seeds and then a hay mower cuts the straw. Thus, the collected seeds are dried, sorted and finally cleaned before being pressed to produce oil.

Guénard Hempseed Oil

In order to guarantee the quality of our oil, we work exclusively with the Chanvrière de l’Aube, a specialized cooperative in the cultivation of hemp, which makes it possible to supply quality 100% French seeds. With more than 300 members and approximately 5000 hectares under cultivation, the Chanvrière de l’Aube comprises nearly 70% of French hemp production and 40% of European production. The hemp varieties cultivated within the cooperative are primarily Fedora and Felina.

Upon reception of the seeds, our hempseed oil is made within our production plants. The seeds are directly cold-pressed and then filtered in order to obtain highly nutritious hempseed oil (rich in Omega-3). The production of 1L of virgin oil requires 3 to 4 kg of seeds. Therefore, during the pressing process, nearly 25 to 35% of the weight of the seeds is extracted as virgin hempseed oil.