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Peanut (or groundnut) is the name of a plant that ranges from 20 to 90 cm in height with 2 or 3 pairs of leaves. It needs heat, light and a rather dry environment. It produces yellow flowers, but the edible part grows in earth. A shell measures 3 to 4 cm long and contains 2 seeds.
Its cultivation area is the most extensive in the world, which totals 108 countries. However, its primary cultivation today is located in tropical countries, Africa, India, the United States and China.

From Fruit to Peanut Oil

Peanuts are rich in oil and produce a very fruity brown oil. To produce 1L of virgin peanut oil, 2 to 4 kg of peanuts is required.

Guénard Peanut Oil

Guénard has selected peanuts for you, which are grown in Asia where the largest world production is found. Our roasted peanut oil is a virgin oil produced within the Guénard facilities according to an artisanal production process. After grinding the fruit, the paste collected is slightly roasted in cast iron pans to accentuate all the flavors of the fruit.