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The almond comes from the almond tree, which is native to Central Asia. Today, it is mainly grown in California, but also in the Mediterranean countries, and especially in the south of France. The almond tree is one of the first trees to flower, beautifying the countryside at the end of February or early March. The tree bears a significant number of flowers, but only 1 in 3 will produce fruit. There are two trees varieties: one with bitter seeds producing an almond that is not very edible, and the other producing what is called the “sweet almond”. The fruit is green in color and contains a seed: the almond. From the latter, oil along with the milk are extracted.

From Fruit to Almond Oil

The harvest takes place during September/October when the green part that surrounds the shell is thoroughly open and dry. The average production per tree is from 2 to 5 kg. After the harvest, the almonds are shelled as quickly as possible and dried by forced air. Between 2 and 3 kg of almonds is required to produce 1L of virgin oil.

Guénard Almond Oil

Our almond oil is composed of 70% virgin almond oil and 30% refined almond oil from fruit grown in the United States, Spain and Australia. This mixture ensures a balance and distinctive flavor. Virgin almond oil is obtained through an artisanal production process in our oil mill. The almonds are first roasted in cast iron pans to accentuate the best flavors.

Our 100% virgin almond oil from France is made from almonds grown in the south of France.