Shrimp Beignets

Shrimp Beignets


- 20 pink shrimp, cooked
- 110 g flour
- 50 g potato starch
- 1 packet yeast
- 75 cl Guénard Grapeseed Oil

- 1 tablespoon olive oil Guénard
- Nem sauce
- Soy sauce


Mix the flour, starch and yeast and pour in the olive oil. Add a little water and mix to obtain a beignet batter. Let rest in the refrigerator. Heat the frying oil. Peel the shrimp but leave the tail. Take the shrimp by the tail one by one, soak them in the batter and put them in the oil. When they are cooked, put the shrimp on a paper towel. Immediately serve with sauces.

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