Recipe for Smoked Mullet with Linden Flower, by Christophe Hay**

Recipe for Smoked Mullet with Linden Flower, by Christophe Hay**

Ingredients (serves 10):

For the mullet:
- 2 Loire mullet

For the sweet and sour sauce:
- 1 l water
- 1 l vinegar
- 300 g sugar
- 200 g honey
- 100 g salt
- 50 g dried linden flower

For the shiso garnish (or basil):
- 400 g green and purple garden shiso

For the radish garnish:
- 2 bunches of garden radishes of various colors

For the dried mullet and linden flower consommé:
- 1 mullet fillet
- Mullet bones and head
- 100 g dried linden flower
- 200 ml white wine
- 1 leek
- 100 g button mushrooms
- 1 shallot

For the mullet relish:
- 1 l mullet consommé not infused with linden flower
- 100 ml soy sauce

For the powdered mullet fishbone:
- Mullet backbone

For the wild herbs:
- Shiso shoots and pansy flowers
Guénard French hazelnut oil


Preparation instructions:

For the mullet:

Prepare the mullet. Carefully remove and debone the fillets.

Remove the skin. Set the bones and heads aside for the consommé.

Marinate the three mullet fillets in the sweet and sour sauce for 20 minutes.

Remove and put on a rack. Leave to dry in a cool place.

Once dried, smoke over the linden flower for 30 minutes then leave to dry again.

Cut into thin slices before plating.


For the sweet and sour sauce:

Caramelize the sugar and honey over a low heat.

Separately, bring the liquids to a boil with the dried linden flower.

Pour the hot liquid over the caramel then set aside.


For the shiso garnish:

Trim and rinse – this will be quickly fried in olive oil at the last minute.


For the radish garnish:

Finely dice the radishes and quickly blanch.

Put to one side in the cold sweet and sour sauce.

Cut a few shavings using a mandolin.

Set aside in ice water.


For the dried mullet and linden flower consommé:

Soak the ingredients in a large amount of water.

Strain, mix with the salt and sugar, then cover the remaining mullet fillet and bones.

Leave to infuse for three hours then wash off.

For the fillet, hang from a string and leave to dry in a dry room until it has dried out completely.

Start the consommé: finely chop the aromatic garnishes and fry in olive oil.

At the same time, bake the fish bones and backbone in a dry oven at 140 °C until they have browned. Set the backbone aside.

Once the fish bones have browned, add them to the garnish and deglaze with white wine.

Reduce until dry, then add cold water and simmer for 20 minutes.

Pass through a dry muslin.

Infuse with the linden flower and the pieces of dried mullet fillet.

Season to taste.


For the mullet sauce:

Add the soy sauce to the liter of consommé set aside, and reduce until thick.

Season and pour into a sauce bottle ready for plating.


For the powdered mullet bone:

Once the mullet backbone has been dried in the oven, blend it to a powder.

Fry in oil heated to smoking point.

Empty out onto a paper towel and store in a sealed box.



Place the mixture of cooked shiso and diced radishes in sweet and sour sauce into a deep dish.

Alternate seasoned radish shavings with thin slices of mullet.

Add height with the shiso shoots and flower petals.

Add a few dots of mullet relish and sprinkle over the dried powder.

At the last minute, pour over the dried mullet consommé and split with Guénard hazelnut oil.


Nos huiles
  • Amande 70% vierge

    French Hazelnut
    100% virgin