Peanut, hazelnut, cranberry and dried raspberry chocolate bars

Peanut, hazelnut, cranberry and dried raspberry chocolate bars

Ingredients (for 30 cookies):

  •        300g dark chocolate
  •        1 tbsp chocolate-hazelnut butter
  •        1 tsp of Guénard 100% Virgin Peanut oil 
  •        125g dried raspberries
  •        1 handful of whole hazelnuts
  •        1 handful of cranberries
  •        1 handful of whole peanuts
  •        1 handful of nougatine pieces
  •        1 handful of lace crepe pieces


Melt the chocolate and chocolate-hazelnut butter in a bain marie.

Once melted and smooth, pour just over half of the chocolate into a silicon cake mold (or a regular cake mold lined with greaseproof paper).

Chop the hazelnuts and peanuts roughly, then crush the lace crepe and nougatine pieces gently.

Spread over the chocolate evenly, along with the dried raspberries and cranberries.

Add a teaspoon of peanut oil to the remaining melted chocolate, then pour the mixture over the rest of the chocolate with the fruit and nuts.

Place the mixture in the fridge for 1 hour minimum, until the chocolate sets. Cut into bars or squares. Store in the fridge.


Nos huiles
  • Amande 70% vierge

    Roasted peanut
    100% virgin