Chef’s Recipe: Poached Porcini Mushroom with French Walnut Oil by Christophe Hay

Chef’s Recipe: Poached Porcini Mushroom with French Walnut Oil by Christophe Hay

Ingredients (serves 10): 

For the porcini mushrooms:
- 12 baby porcini mushrooms.
- 8 large porcini mushrooms.
- 100 g shallots.
- 1 bouquet garni.
- 1 lime.
- 1 bunch of chives.

For the Tomme de Brebis broth:
- 1 Tomme de Brebis cheese from the Bois
d’Enhus farm in Amboise.
- 0.5 l milk.

For the nasturtium coulis:
- 500 g nasturtium leaves.
- 100 g baby spinach leaves.

For the decoration:
- 100 g nasturtium leaves.
- 100 g Tomme de Brebis.

Guénard French Walnut Oil


For the porcini mushroom:

Peel and wash the mushrooms. Chop the baby porcini mushrooms in half and set aside.

For the large mushrooms, dice the caps and chill. Roughly chop the stems and fry in foaming butter with the chopped shallot.

Stir regularly.

Once cooked, blend in a Thermomix and strain. Finely chop the chives and chill all the elements ready for plating.

For the Tomme de Brebis broth:

Keep 110 g of Brebis back for decorating.

Crush the rest of the Tomme and melt in a saucepan over a low heat. Stir regularly to prevent it sticking to the bottom.

Once the cheese has melted, add the milk and an equal quantity of water. Leave to cook for two hours. Pass the liquid through a cloth strainer then and reduce until a creamy texture has been achieved. Season to taste and set aside ready for plating.

For the nasturtium coulis:

Wash the nasturtium and spinach leaves. Cook in salted boiling water at a rolling boil for seven minutes.

Transfer to iced water to stop the cooking process and preserve the chlorophyll. Once chilled, strain and blend in a Thermomix to create a smooth nasturtium coulis. Season to taste and set aside.

For the decoration:

Chop the nasturtium leaves using a round cookie cutter.

For the Tomme de Brebis, use a slicer to cut even slices 1 mm thick, then use an 8 cm cookie cutter.


Season the mini porcini mushroom halves and steam. Heat the porcini mushroom puree and add the diced mushroom at the last minute. Season to taste with lime zest and chopped chives.

Place the porcini mushroom concasse and the poached half mushrooms in a soup dish. Add the Tomme de Brebis slice and the nasturtium leaves. Pour over the seasoned nasturtium coulis.

Finish at the last minute with the Tomme de Brebis broth and sprinkle with a few drops of Guénard French Walnut Oil.

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